Highlights Tour by Bike

Uncover Barcelona’s charm on the Highlights by Bike Tour, explore streets, discover hidden details, and embrace this relaxed guided visit pace.

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Experience the tranquility and allure of the Highlights by Bike Tour, a captivating guided cycling adventure through the charming streets of Barcelona!
Prepare to be captivated as we leisurely explore the city, uncovering points of interest and unexpected views around every corner.

Whether you’re an avid cyclist or imply looking for a calm and immersive way to discover Barcelona, our tour offers an unforgettable experience.
With our knowledgeable and friendly guides leading the way, we’ll unveil hidden details, remarkable architectural marvels, and charming attractions that showcase the true essence of this Mediterranean capital. So grab your bike, embrace the relaxed pace, and let the Highlights by Bike Tour introduce you to the beauty and delightful surprises that await you in Barcelona.

1 review for Highlights Tour by Bike


    My family and I enjoyed a lot this tour with Mari, we spent almost 4 h visiting the highlights and she told us all about the places

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