1. Introduction 

BCITYNG and its website https://www.bcityng.com are owned and operated by Maria Carmen Barrera Soriano, NIF: 77745046D. Any purchase through this website will constitute a purchase-sale contract between you (as a user) and us. Said contract will be governed by these Terms and Conditions. By using this website, you agree to be legally bound by these terms, which shall take effect immediately. You may not use content from this website in any way except for your own personal, noncommercial use. Any other use of bcityng.com content requires the prior written permission of bcityng.com

2. How to acquire a tour or an experience? 

Please, follow the instructions below: Make your reservation by following the steps indicated through our web form. Choose the day, time and number of people who will carry out the activity / trip. All details will be sent to your email. Review the details of the order and payment method. Make the payment (see payment methods below) Keep the reservation that you must show us at the place and day of the activity.

3. Payment methods: 

3.1 Credit Card (we have a data phone terminal and we accept American Express)

We won’t store your credit card information in our system, we ONLY will use it to charge the deposit needed or the full payment of the activity.

3.2 Bank transfer

IBAN: ES94 1465 0716 52 1728408278

BIC code: INGDESMMXXX (Bank transfer fee depends on your bank)

3.3 Transferwise https://transferwise.com/es (NO fees)

*All bank transfer fees will be paid by client

*50% of price is needed to complete the reservation

*You can pay the other 50% at the end of the tour (cash or credit card). Please let us know if you would like to pay with credit card to bring the data phone terminal.

4. General conditions of purchase

We advise you to read the General Purchase Conditions carefully before placing an order on our website. 

4.1 When do these general conditions of purchase apply?

These General Purchase Conditions are applicable to all tours and experiences acquired on our website or any other method of purchase.

4.2 Requirements to sign a contract with BCITYNG

The minimum age to be able to acquire experiences through our website is 18 years old. You guarantee that the information provided to BCITYNG when booking and contracting any experience is true, accurate and complete.

4.3 Our right not to accept the reservation BCITYNG reserves the right not to accept your request for any of the following reasons:

1. The product shown on the website is no longer available or has undergone major changes and does not fit the current offer.

2. Maximum number of people per visit / experience / trip reached.

3. The billing and payment information are not correct or verifiable.

4. The agreed payment has not been made.

4.4 Reservation of title

The experiences can only be carried out once the totality or stipulated deposit has been paid. The buyer will have full ownership of the purchased product once the purchase is completed. At the time of booking, the data of the person making the reservation will be provided, this being personal and non-transferable.

4.5 Maintenance of products

All our experiences are regularly updated on our website, although there may be slight variations due to various technical reasons. BCITYNG will inform of this and will not be responsible for the data or omissions of any condition and term contained in the page, without them being considered an offer or promises of sale.

5. Prices and currencies 

The prices of the products on the website have the Value Added Tax (VAT) included. BCITYNG reserves the right to change the price of any product at any time without affecting previous orders. The prices of the products on the website are in Euros (EUR). Conversion rates may occur.

6. Return and cancellation policy 

6.1 Cancellations by BCITYNG

If by major force BCITYNG had to cancel a tour and cannot provide any tour guide, we will try to find a solution with the client to find an agreement. BCITYNG or the tour guide will contact you ASAP via email or telephone. The guide can contact you from his/her telephone number. If we couldn’t find an alternative, the deposit will be fully refunded within 10 working days.

Weather: *We reserve the right to cancel a walking tour or a bike tour in case of very bad weather conditions/forecast. How much we can do, only in case of very bad weather conditions, we will contact you ASAP to move the timetable without affecting the day much. Be alert and keep it in mind in that case. We will try to find another time/date in order to find an alternative. If we couldn’t find it, the deposit will be fully refunded. Note that if we have tickets, we won’t be able to move them. Your guide will try to maximize your time indoors. At any rate, come with appropriate clothing and footwear.

6.2 Cancellations by clients

Any cancellation must be notified by e-mail contacting us at info@bcityng.com, and will be answered by info@bcityng.com

Weather conditions: Our tours are working with sun, clouds, wind and rain. Bad weather is not a valid reason to cancel a tour.

Circumstances beyond our control: BCITYNG is not liable for reduced/cancelled itineraries due to circumstances beyond our control such as flight delays, ships unable to dock for whatever reason, strikes affecting itineraries or unscheduled closures of tourist sites. Therefore, adequate insurance is advised.

Special cases: We hear you and we know sometimes other major forces can happen.

Other major force cancellations might be discussed to reach an agreement. A verification of the reason why the tour was cancelled will be requested.

7. Other important information: 

7.1 Meeting point and time:

Only in private tours: The tour begins at the agreed time and meeting point. If the client is late, the client will lose that time. The customer delay is not refundable, and the tour will end at the agreed time at the time of booking.

If by major force the guide is late, she/he will do the best to contact and inform you ASAP.

The customer is responsible for reporting on the meeting point. If there is any change of accommodation, the customer is responsible for informing BCITYNG.